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This French singer bares his soul simply, discreetly and fearlessly.  His style – a somberly romantic, contemporary dark soul that never stops posturing or excessive effects – makes a powerful impression.  He transmutes his personal experiences into universal emotions (love, fear, disquiet, hope…). So with just a few nostalgic and compelling, melancholic and radiant songs, he has defined his art: a personal, intimate, startlingly sincere soul-pop.   His first EP is released this autumn on Virgin/Mercury. The Swedish star has teamed up with Grammy-nominated The Indigo Children on his debut solo record which is out December 2nd and they will be playing a headline show in London Upstairs At The Garage on December 4th.

The track entitled ‘Backdrop People’ is a feisty pop/rocker that brings 60s nostalgia to the fore and offers a taste from forthcoming debut album ‘For The Ages To Come’. Bill and Murray are an eclectic alternative pop band based in Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Using an old synthesizer, a drum machine and a distorted guitar sound, they lead us through the magical realms of the melody while leaving you with no choice but to move your body to the beat.  In their own unique way they face deep and emotional topics, expressing them with confident, serene and uplifting flavours. Loco Hot is a duo comprised of producer / drummer Tamir Muskat and singer Gilad Kahana, who have a cult following in Israel.
I’m a Tribe features A-WA, a band of three sisters who fuse Yemenite traditional music with hip-hop and electronica.  Born in a desert commune, the sisters were raised on the music of their Yemenite grandparents.  New Politicians are a four piece Post-Punk, Alternative Rock band from New Jersey. 

"The music itself, elegant and pronounced, is at times nuanced and other times obvious. The record is just as concerned about the arrangement and performances as it is about creating mood. There’s a slightly cinematic feel to the record, couched between a nostalgic 80’s feeling and a also a peculiar “newness.” It’s as though we’ve been led back to a grand old city – one the entire world knows from a bygone golden age. We’ve seen the pictures and we have practically visited every street in the cinema of our minds. But New Politicians takes us back to see all of those things we missed." - Unsound America Parade Ground formed in 1981 by brothers Jean-Marc and Pierre Pauly from Brussels. Taking cues from Post-Punk, Coldwave, Dada and Surrealism, they channel suffering, tension and rage through pulsing synthesizers, skeletal guitar, severe bass and expressive vocals.  They have collaborated with Daniel B and Patrick Codenys of Front 242 and Colin Newman from Wire. 
After 15 years of silence Parade Ground released their second album Rosary in 2007 and continue to tour. Pronoise emerged in 1996 with the intention to merge different musical influences,  producing a rare type of music in the Spanish musical panorama, based on certain trends in dance music as well as the evolution of the post punk and the dark, electronic music of the 80s and 90s industrial rock. Originally from New Jersey, Anything Box is an internationally-known electronic music group. The music is pensive, sometimes highly energetic. Lyrically and musically, the songs explore the inner and outer regions of human being-ness. Imagine Kraftwerk, Joy Division, and Giorgio Moroder Originally from New Jersey, Anything Box is an internationally-known electronic music group.  Their music is pensive, sometimes highly energetic.  Lyrically and musically, the songs explore the inner and outer regions of human being-ness. Imagine Kraftwerk, Joy Division and Giorgio Moroder recording together at Abbey Road and you'll get an idea of the Abox sound.  
Anything Box continue to perform their energetic live shows around the world Sonic Death are a garage/psychedelic band from St Petersburg. In the summer of 2009, through their need to create music, a small handful of musicians came together.  They began to combat small-town Alberta boredom with their common love.  Rock'n'Roll, Punk and Ska influence The Able Kind's engaging sound.  All from different musical and life backgrounds, this Canadian trio set aside their differences and come together with passion for thoughtful Rock'n'Roll. Renno's 2003 debut LP, The Fun Makers, garnered huge critical acclaim, and spawned two national hit radio singles. Izabo soon signed to Sony BMG, which released their British debut, followed by a European tour. Throughout their career, Izabo's musical style and range have embraced styles as diverse as indie rock, disco and Middle Eastern music.
London trio Berries channel feisty riot grrl attitude in new single ‘Waiting’ taken from their debut EP ‘Those Funny Things’ which garnered love and critical acclaim across UK radio stations and blogs earlier this year. Having played packed out shows all over the UK including London venues Camden Assembly and The Borderline they are becoming well known for their energetic performances and their effortless ability to captivate audiences. This Copenhagen-based trio seem to have sprung from some murky unknown world, if we are to believe the statements of the band themselves. Little is known about them or what is behind the masks they wear during their performances. This mythical sphere that they have created for themselves is accessible through their music, which is a vision of electronic music that is organic and alive with both warmth and danger.  The Hamiltons are an anomaly. In an era where many artists work with songwriters, producers and musicians to create their music, The Hamiltons are totally in control of their artistic vision; writing, playing and producing all their material from a bedroom in London.   The Hamiltons perform with a manic passion, tinged with nostalgia but cemented in a pop tradition Louise Golbey was always destined to be a great musician. London born but raised in Bournemouth, her natural talent was encouraged from an early age, which prompted her to pursue her singing career after university. Her North West London roots bring that nice swagger raised on a diet of American soul R’n’B food whether she’s supporting the likes of yesterday’s divas En Vogue or featuring on tracks with UK’s new school like Example or Newham Generals. Heavily influenced by College rock bands, Britpop and Shoegaze from the late 80s and early 90s, The Mountaineers adopt reminiscent tones and textues and Olivieri's intelligent songwriting craft has been deconstructed and rebuilt, creating a diversity of fragility, sleazy guitar licks and late night poolside synth jams.

Ebbot Lundberg &

The Indigo Children

Loco Hot

New Politicians

Anything Box

Adam Naas

Parade Ground


Bill & Murray


Silent Riders


Sonic Death

The Able Kind

The Hamiltons

Louise Golbey

Andy Oliveri & the Mountaineers

Hail Taxi

James Kruman

They Called Him Zone

Velvet Kills

Hailing from the landscapes of Edmonton, Alberta comes a humble story of a solo singer/songwriter and performer Nathaniel Sutton (AKA Hail Taxi). While predominantly delivering folk-based indie-rock, you'll discover deeper splashes of alt-country, pop and EDM sensibilities with eclectic influences that parallel elements from artists like Folk Implosion and Beck. The music of THEY CALLED HIM ZONE combines sultry electronica with chewed-up, modulated guitars, evoking rain-drenched, neon-daubed streets, proscribed chemicals, and black-clad malcontents wearing mirror shades after dark. And it’s always dark where they come from…

"... a band creating stunning work whereby they have taken the choice cuts of the past and welded them to the present... " James Fleming, Modern Retro Magazine Velvet Kills is an electropunk/rock duo with a thoroughly modern and urban endeavour, speaking directly to today’s society - with all its anxieties, addictions, destructiveness as well as  exhilaration.  You'll find in their driving beats raw emotion, and a terrific darkness. The sound is complex, almost abstract - a combination of cinematic textures, gritty guitars, and potent vocals. Manchester-based lo-fi alternative folk inspired artist 'James Kruman' has stood out from the regional music scene as an unpredictable and unique songwriter evolving his own recognisable voice and the 'Twitch' album flows with fascinating and unpredictable directions from trippy 60's psych rock experiments to folk/country blues tinged parodies and new wave electronica. The inability to classify Kruman's music as any specific genre, has led him to share stages with everyone from folk songstress Bella Hardy to indie legend Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets). Next

Penny Police

Having been nominated for Denmark’s prestigious Gaffa award for Best Female Artist twice in three years in 2012 and 2014; and having been the recipient of the Bands of Tomorrow ‘Pop Artist Of The Year’ award in 2013, Penny Police’s releases to date have been showered with four and five star reviews across the board that laud her musicality, and her ability to conjure melodies so light, pure and delicately delivered as though they were made from the hydrogen atoms teased from a teardrop. Bringing back memories of Berlin-basement raves, the new single from Denmark festival smashers Farveblind (ft South African singer Khaya N9) is dark dance soul that kicks you where it feels good.
The exciting combination of soft and Khaya N9’s embracing vocals with the hard-hitting repetitive track makes “Indima” an enchanting track, with an urban and dusty pop-like mood.


Guts has gobbled up the miles and bestrode stage after stage at the head of a revitalised live band.

Galvanized by this new alchemy and high on regenerating juice, energy levels spiking into the red, their songs light up boxes marked soul, afro, disco and jazz, brighten a groove carpeted with retro-funky keyboards and brass.


Kansas Smitty's House Band

Dream Nails

Cold Reading

Kill Her First


Long story short, Hightower is a punk rock band from Paris, France founded in 2012 by two cousins who grew up listening to the finest 90s punk rock music. Dream Nails are DIY Feminist punk witches from London, described as "The Ramones meets Bikini Kill". Cold Reading are an Indie/Emo band from Lucerne, Switzerland.   Their new EP 'Sojourner' is out on 22 September via KROD Records. These German screamo rockers have something to say, and they say it loud! Mixing punk rock attitude with the fist-clenching power of screamo and a hardcore heart, their crude attitude has some serious legs to stand on. All crowned with a double assault of remarkable female singers. This band has done its homework. The band run ‘Kansas Smitty’s’ venue in London fields which hosts ultra-cutting-edge bands from just about every genre you can think of emerging out of the jazz world as well as their regular ‘jazz raves’.  

Their new single ‘Movin’ On’ features Lewis Durham of Kitty, Daisy and Lewis on vocals instantly pleases with a twangy upbeat bluesy indie vibe. Normanton Street’s sound is lyrically focused with three distinct vocals, jazz influenced guitars, warm bass grooves and tight rhythmic drums.

Based in Brighton, the band have quickly amassed a loyal following of fans around the world and have played gigs and festivals as well as opening for high-profile artists. Being hailed by press around the world as "Shania's Successor", Jessica Lynn is fast on her way to becoming a household name. In the last three years, the New York singer/songwriter has completed three highly successful nationwide tours of the United States and has seen her first two full length concert television specials

Her high-energy and dynamic live show has garnered rave reviews from critics worldwide with the CBS Evening National News calling her a "Rocket Force"

Jessica Lynn

Normanton Street

Cormac O Caoimh released his 4th solo album “Shiny Silvery Things” earlier this year to great acclaim in his native Ireland. 

His intimate vocals, magical melodies and exquisite guitar playing has always attracted very favourable appeal to critics always quick to point to his unique style as well as comparisons to acts varying from the dreamy pop of The Go Betweens, Badly Drawn Boy, Elliott Smith and Prefab Sprout to the introspective and more folk-oriented Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and Paul Simon. But he seems himself as a pop song-writer. When pop was good.

Cormac O Caoimh

DJ Chillz

DJ Chillz is a fully switched on DJ and producer with a plan, which is quickly coming to fruition as she purposefully brings a fresh twist to everything she plays.  

Her love for music is relentless and her passion for blending Afrobeats and Bashment with Hip Hop, RnB, Dancehall and House have led to her being nominated for three Best Female DJ Awards over the last few years.
She explains, “It’s not just my love for music, it’s my passion. I eat, breathe, dream music. That is why it goes beyond liking, and beyond a hobby. Music is my way of living. Music is vital to my life.” After almost 2 years out of the music industry, Ceaser is back with a total banger entitled ‘Bang Bang’. A menacing but also fun tale about past times round East Ham. 

This will be Ceaser's first project in which he will be displaying his talents as a singer and rapper and is set to bring one of London’s purest talents into the mix of today’s heavyweight artists. New York/Amsterdam creative visionary Daniel Carlson is one of those artists that you can’t help but recognise as a truly creative artist.
In the making of his fourth album ‘Not A Drawing’ and arguably a future classic it is worth noting the thought process behind the making of something that, in an age of very transient and mass produced ‘art’, is a wholly refreshing approach, whereupon every detail is painstakingly managed in accordance with the creation of something valuable to cherish.
Velvet Volume grows up and doesn’t slow down.
With their youthful candor, it didn’t take the three rock sisters long to play themselves into the hearts of rock fans everywhere. The onrushing sisters sing about loafing about and the bad habits that come with not yet having figured out how to structure their lives. Earlier this year, the Portland, OR-based Blitzen Trapper accomplished a unique feat for a rock band who has been releasing albums and touring for the better part of 2 decades: a staged musical titled Wild & Reckless that ran for 28 performances at Portland Center Stage. Today, the band is announcing a new album of the same title that was born from the stage production and as a companion to their 2008 breakthrough album Furr.

Velvet Volume


Blitzen Trapper

Daniel Carson